What to Include in an Emergency Financial Kit

In the event of a natural disaster or other unexpected emergency, it’s vital that you move quickly and limit the amount of time you spend scrambling for essentials. In addition to having a bag packed with necessary items like medicine, food and clothing, you should also have an emergency financial kit ready to go. ThisContinue reading “What to Include in an Emergency Financial Kit”

What to Know About College Planning

Many current or expectant parents have concerns about the high cost of a college education. While saving for college is one of the most important things a parent can do to help secure their child’s future it can feel daunting when one considers the rising cost of college. As college expenses have risen considerably overContinue reading “What to Know About College Planning”

The Importance of Building an Emergency Fund

The financial ramification of the coronavirus has reinforced the importance of the bedrock of any financial plan, having an emergency fund.  As the name implies, an emergency fund is just that. A pool of money that is available in an emergency for an individual or family to dip into at a moment’s notice so thatContinue reading “The Importance of Building an Emergency Fund”

How to Make an Accurate Budget

For young investors and savers, one of the challenges to allocating money to a saving or investing goal is to actually free up those funds and identify them.  One of the key ways to do that is to make those dollars a part of a budget. One of the attributes of successful savers and investorsContinue reading “How to Make an Accurate Budget”

The Importance of Personal Finance Education

Financial literacy is one of the most important factors in leading a happy and successful life. Personal finance education is necessary so students have the opportunity to understand the fundamentals of things such as saving, budgeting, investing and debt. Although understanding personal finance is a basic life skill, many states don’t actually require courses to promote financialContinue reading “The Importance of Personal Finance Education”

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